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Memories of Ilma vol. 1

Memories of Ilma vol. 1

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Johnny Attard's brand new children's title Memories of Ilma is the story of a hero who is on a journey through time and space to forget.

Ilma is super strong and has a memory so powerful that she can't forget anything - even the stuff she'd rather forget. In volume 1 she's travelling with a flying camel named Whirlwind who can carry anything, meets a lonely Robot and a teleporting Spaceman, and begins her journey to search for a new home where her painful memories can't hurt her anymore.

There's new worlds to explore, monsters to fight and memories to process in this found family, coming of age adventure series.


"Our kids (age 3 and 5) thought it was so good that they immediately read it a second time after finishing it. Clever, fun, challenging and dreamy in a fantastic colour pop space world. Get on it ASAP!"
- Siobhan Coombs, owner of Cockatoo Comics

"Beautiful visual exploration paired with a deep melancholy. It hits the same nostalgic note as a phone call from an old friend; unexpected and wonderful, but coloured by sadness..."
- Fionn McCabe, co-producer of Read To Me


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