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Articulation: a zine about wanting to die and not dying on purpose

Articulation: a zine about wanting to die and not dying on purpose

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The zine that started it all. Originally published in May of 2018 for the now defunct MCA Zine Fair, Articulation in it's original form is on it's last printing!

From the artist's original launch in 2018:

My longest and most personal zine, Articulation is 32 pages long, has drawings as varied as my ability goes, photographs, collages and real words lifted from my journal over the past few years. It carries a content warning for suicidal thoughts, kaleidoscopes of emotion & my own particularly ferocious brand of loneliness, all things that I've pushed myself to discuss publicly over the last year.

I've been told that publishing (even self publishing) this kind of thing is somewhat an act of bravery but in my eyes this is one of the habits I've developed to keep me going, so I'm sharing that with you.

I cry when I read back on my journal, but knowing that I wanted to die 4 years ago and thinking of all the things I've achieved and had the opportunity to experience since then and since every other time I've thought about suicide between the first time it happened and now helps me go on.

I'm becoming a better person, and having the habit of pulling my journal out to prove to myself it's worth it to go on has saved my own dang life. That's what I'm sharing with you.

More photos of inside pages to come.


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